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Let us know when you want to graduate

» 23 May 2016 » 4 Comments

Earlier this year I released a survey to find out if you want to graduate in December. Some students are allowed to graduate in December, whereas others only get the option of graduating in July. You can read my previous blog here. At the Union’s AGM on Wednesday 11th June a policy was passed to […]

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SUSU AGM: The real story

» 13 May 2016 » 8 Comments

On Wednesday this week we held the SUSU Annual General Meeting- where every single student can submit and vote on policies. Amazingly, we had a record breaking year with the highest ever number of: ideas submitted by students (161); policies submitted by students (19); and proxy voters (563), which is a 46.2% increase on last year. […]

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AGM Ideas – The Final Ranking

» 06 May 2014 » No Comments

We had hundreds of you vote for over 30 ideas that were submitted by students to be considered for discussion at the AGM on Wednesday 14th May. It’s been great to see such a variety of topics brought forward and voted on by so many people. Without further ado, here is the order of rankings. […]

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Rank your AGM Ideas!

» 30 April 2014 » No Comments

We’ve had a stunning response to our call for ideas for discussion at the SUSU Annual General Meeting on Wed 14th May – we’ve had almost 30 different suggestions come in! You can now rank which ideas  you’d most like to see discussed, and we’ll then work with students to turn the most popular ideas […]

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MAY-ke Your Voice Heard!

» 24 April 2014 » 1 Comment

As we come towards the end of the academic year, there are loads of opportunities to review how the year has gone so far, celebrate the successes that you’ve all had, and for those of you still around next year, run and votes for those you want to lead the Union and beyond! A lot […]

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The AGM – ideas ranking

» 26 April 2013 » 10 Comments

Although you could see how it was progressing throughout the day, we have the results of the AGM polling. This is a new system that we tried for the first time this year, and I’m incredibly happy with how many of you took part. 28 ideas submitted 350 students polling with a total of over […]

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AGM – What do you care most about?

» 24 April 2013 » 4 Comments

Over the last few weeks, students have been submitting their ideas to be discussed at the Annual General Meeting. After collecting all your ideas, we are now giving students the choice to tell us which of them are most important. At the AGM, we only have 2 hours to discuss policy, which can then direct […]

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The AGM is dead!

» 31 March 2013 » 8 Comments

Okay… So maybe not dead completely, but the way it’s been treated in the past. I see the SUSU Annual General Meeting (AGM) being most successful when we make it really easy for students to put forward ideas, discuss things that actually matter, and make this process accessible to ALL students… And that’s what we’re […]

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The Referendum is Coming?

» 23 August 2012 » 35 Comments

Yes! Yes, it is. Thanks for asking. In Elections Committee last Wednesday, the elections calendar of the year was approved, as was the date of an NUS Referendum. Voting will take place on 6th December, with scheduled debates and campaigning in the days and weeks leading up to this time. SUSU had a referendum to […]

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SUSU AGM – The Decisions & Chair Election

» 02 May 2012 » 3 Comments

This years union AGM took place this afternoon at 1 o’clock  in the Union Cinema. As well as receiving the unions accounts, the annual report and electing the new chair, there were three motions up for debate including one amendment. Chair Of Council  I am pleased to announce that James O’ Mahony is duly elected as chair of Council with 33 Votes […]

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