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Had enough of people leaving stuff in the library?… Red Card Scheme to be trialled!

» 11 May 2012 » 57 Comments

It’s a well known problem, that people reserve seats for others by putting books down, or that they go off to have lunch and want to keep their seat for revising – which is understandable given the stress of exams, and the strain on numbers of seats in the library – but the impact on […]

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Destined to revise on the floor? Maybe not…

» 08 January 2012 » 7 Comments

In my last blog, I gave you some tips for revision – and since then, we’ve updated our Education page on the SUSU website to give you a whole list of useful resources for you to use, covering essay writing, revision, dissertations and reading tips, so check them out! But there’s still one problem – […]

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Storage on Campus

» 17 October 2011 » 6 Comments

It’s a rainy day, you’ve got a morning and an afternoon lecture with no time to return home, and a bag full of books, lunch, and society gear for your evening meeting. Or perhaps you ride in on a motorbike and have found a place to park, but nowhere to leave your kit. I would […]

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