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How can I do what I Love?

» 04 October 2012 » 5 Comments

Being able to do what you love outside of your academic studies is, in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of University life. Over the years you spend in Southampton you will have the opportunity to carry on a passion you’ve pursued for years or try something completely new.   Over the summer, I have been working with Dean […]

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One Down…

» 08 August 2012 » 1 Comment

This is part one of a two blog blockbuster: One Down : Looking at how last years goals panned out in the world of Engagement. One to Go : An outline of initial thoughts at priority goals for Engagement next year.  One Down After being in post for just over a year I thought it was […]

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Not Just Another Rebrand

» 23 January 2012 » 7 Comments

This term sees SUSU re-launch its Nightlife calendar, starting on the 27th with the Premiere of our Friday club night to celebrate the end of exams, with tickets now on sale at the Box Office. Over the past few weeks, I have spoken about how SUSU’s events have had their peaks and troughs, in particular […]

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The Importance of Protest

» 03 November 2011 » 2 Comments

Wednesday November 9th will be another history-making day for politics. Having lost the battle against the 9K university fees, students are still coming out in their droves to get riled up about cuts to education and the public sector. The NUS along with many other unions across the country have set the 9th as another […]

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SUSU Will March…Again…

» 28 October 2011 » No Comments

On November 9th at 12 mid day SUSU will march…again. It’s almost a year now since the government decided to increase the cap on tuition fees to £9000 and in a couple of weeks’ time students will once again be returning to the streets of London to demonstrate against the rise in the cost of […]

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Union concourse refurbishment begins! (main entrance moved)

» 02 August 2011 » 2 Comments

On the 13th June, Union Council passed the Union concourse  refurbishment project. Today work begins. Over the next three weeks the Union concourse will be transformed into a fresh and vibrant space. Changes include a new reception/box-office, bookable “pod” meeting areas, a cash point and a video wall. As part of the work access to the front […]

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