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The Referendum is Coming?

» 23 August 2012 » 35 Comments

Yes! Yes, it is. Thanks for asking. In Elections Committee last Wednesday, the elections calendar of the year was approved, as was the date of an NUS Referendum. Voting will take place on 6th December, with scheduled debates and campaigning in the days and weeks leading up to this time. SUSU had a referendum to […]

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E+D Forum – HELP ME!

» 21 October 2011 » No Comments

Rather than have another SUSU committee which requires rules and regulations and all that boring stuff, the maintenance of equality and diversity this year will be devised by myself and by a team of people I will be calling a ‘forum’. It won’t be a formal meeting, but something more casual, a place to chuck […]

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Your New Concourse

» 07 September 2011 » No Comments

You may have heard that SUSU has been working on sprucing up The Concourse in The Union (Building 42) over the last few weeks to bring the space up to date and in line with the new Mission, Vision and Values of SUSU. On Friday 2 September 2011 the Level 4 Refurbishment was unveiled – […]

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SUSU: The Rebrand

» 04 April 2011 » 9 Comments

Those of you who made it to the end of the last Union Council will remember me talking about a rebrand of SUSU. The thought behind this was simple: does the current SUSU brand speak to students about what SUSU actually is? Does it shout that SUSU is more than a building, that we provide for […]

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