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Farewells, Thank you’s, and Things we’ve Gone and Done

» 27 June 2016 » No Comments

Just one year ago our team started our time as Full Time Officers, and it’s fair to say I started as a naïve and pretty nervous person: I started the year with trepidation pinning my pug pictures to my notice board, and jumping a mile every time my phone rang – but I thought to […]

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Student Media is Changing

» 15 April 2016 » No Comments

This year we’ve been working on a review of the Student Media departments here at SUSU, so we can assess how effectively they operate now, and what we can do to make them more enjoyable and better quality for volunteers and audience members alike. There’s never been a better year for us to take a […]

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What is Union Council and Why Should I Care?

» 04 December 2015 » No Comments

  What is Union Council? Union Council is the Union’s highest decision making body – meaning it has the power to make some pretty serious changes to your time in Southampton. Union Council approves things like financial expenditure, holds officers to account, and also discusses and votes on policies. What is the point? We are […]

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Honest Fears of a Sabb (aka, the people who run the Union)

» 17 August 2015 » No Comments

As myself and the other new sabblings have settled into office for a triumphant year ahead, some of the unique fears and challenges of being given the power of representation of such a large and diverse group of people have begun to dawn on me like stepping out into the sun with no sun cream. […]

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