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Women and Power

» 05 March 2014 » 2 Comments

As International Women’s Day soon approaches (Saturday 8th March) SUSU and the University are getting ready for a programme of events ranging from selling boob shaped cakes (Tuesday on redbrick if you fancy one) to debates around the barriers that face women from different backgrounds. The big events for the week are on Thursday and […]

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Why is a Raven like a writing desk?

» 22 October 2013 » No Comments

I am afraid I don’t know. BUT What I do know is that Union Council happened last night! Union Council is one of the highest forms of decision making within the Union. It makes policy that shapes how we run, makes sure Sabbs are doing what they promise and makes sure that students are having […]

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Success in SUSU!

» 11 September 2013 » 4 Comments

After years of designs, various Sabbatical officers and student leaders campaigning…. Trophy cabinets are here! They are not your average cupboard, but instead a way of publicly saying well done to all our student groups who win awards and deserve recognition!   These should hold trophies from a range of groups including Performing Arts, Sport […]

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#SUSUontour (1 week down – 51 to go!)

» 09 July 2013 » 6 Comments

This is an introductory blog from Claire and Oli (VP Engagement and VP Student Communities) about what we got up to during our first official week in office.

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