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An Opportunity not to miss!

» 25 April 2013 » 3 Comments

One of my biggest regrets here at University was not getting more involved in my 1st year, by running for a position in SUSU. I went to Union Council throughout my second year, but didn’t have a vote because I hadn’t gotten involved earlier – Don’t Miss Your Opportunity! You only have until Friday 12pm! […]

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London Met University Faces International Student Crisis

» 30 August 2012 » 21 Comments

At 11pm on August 29th an announcement was made but the UK Boarder Agency that London Metropolitan University has had its Highly Trusted Sponsor Status revoked, and as a result has lost the right to recruit international students to study at the University. The Background International students from outside of Europe wanting to study in […]

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Building Bridges

» 09 May 2012 » 28 Comments

Each summer we undertake projects to update the Union buildings and keep things fresh. Last year we improved the entrance to the main SUSU building on Highfield campus, and I think you’ll agree that it’s had a huge impact providing a fantastic space in the heart of campus for students to meet and relax, while […]

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Alumni Sports Day 2012

» 30 April 2012 » No Comments

The day is Saturday April 28th 2012. Wet, windy, cold, bleak. A day that epitomises the Great British winter……………………………………………………….. yes this is pretty much how the Varsity blog read when I wrote that and that’s because yet again the sun failed to put in a real showing on Saturday (I’m starting to think me and the […]

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SUSU AGM – Ideas Session drop in Thursday 11am – 3pm

» 18 April 2012 » 3 Comments

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of your Students’ Union will be taking place on Wednesday 2nd May at 1pm in the union cinema. The AGM (Annual General Meeting) is the one time in the year when every student gets a vote on the big issues about how the Union is run and what is going […]

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Where Do You Fit In?

» 04 April 2012 » 40 Comments

Recently Societies Committee have been discussing the current categories that our Societies fit into and how best we group their activities and represent their needs.   Currently we have split societies into 7 categories and (seeing as we are looking to remove Performing Arts from the equation) it has been proposed that we move from these 7: Departmental International Performing […]

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Financial Fiasco: Vulture Lending

» 22 December 2011 » No Comments

Back in November I attended a lecture entitled, “Is Vulture lending good for Britain?” It was all about loan companies lending people money and charging ridiculously high interest rates. Some of these companies are targetting students and young people through social media channels.  I hadn’t realised quite how serious the issue was until this lecture […]

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Deadline Extensions!

» 02 December 2011 » 4 Comments

For every assignment being handed in during January 2012 – every student now has an extra 4 working days to complete their work. From 3rd-6th January, the University has to shut down the majority of its IT services in order to carry out vital upgrades, meaning that for the 4 days, you will not have […]

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Wonderful Welfare.. Want to get involved?

» 18 November 2011 » No Comments

At the last Welfare Committee we had a great discussion about how Welfare Committee should run and how we can make Welfare great at Southampton. From this we’ve created a number of positions that we need filled! So if you’re interested in running campaigns on a number of Welfare issues and fancy having your say […]

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Friday 18th: Willetts comes to Southampton

» 17 November 2011 » No Comments

This Friday, David Willetts, the Government Minister of State for Universities and Science, is coming to Southampton University to take part in a special debate alongside Southampton Test Labour MP, Alan Whitehead – and you can come along to watch (and challenge!) him as he debates the  current changes being made to Higher Education. The […]

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