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MAY-ke Your Voice Heard!

» 24 April 2014 » 1 Comment

As we come towards the end of the academic year, there are loads of opportunities to review how the year has gone so far, celebrate the successes that you’ve all had, and for those of you still around next year, run and votes for those you want to lead the Union and beyond! A lot […]

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Coverage of Elections

» 16 February 2014 » No Comments

Elections are one of the busiest and most exciting times in the calendar with so many exciting events and campaigns going on throughout February. Many of you will experience the elections, but won’t be able to catch everything that’s going on. Luckily, SUSUtv, Surge and the Wessex Scene are all going to be providing extensive […]

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Elections – Help With Running

» 25 January 2014 » No Comments

Elections are coming up very shortly and we want to ensure that we get as many people as possible involved in the process, running, campaigning and voting. To help give you the best information and experience possible, we’ve developed the following:   Your Skills Sessions On the  30th January from (6 – 7:30)  in Building 2/1083 we’re […]

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JCR Elections – The Results!

» 02 November 2013 » 2 Comments

After two weeks of nominations, campaigning and voting, the results are finally in!   We had a record 139 nominations across all the JCRs, and the JCR Halls Committees for 2014 are below. If the position is vacant, then it will filled through by-elections! More information about them will follow in the next week!   […]

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Nominate Yourself Now….

» 18 October 2013 » No Comments

  …..JCR Halls Elections are here!! Nominations are now open for the JCR Halls Elections. If you live in Halls, or are a first year in Private Rented accommodation, then you can run to be on your JCR Committee. There are seven positions available on each committee, click each one to find out more information […]

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Autumn Elections Results!

» 11 October 2013 » No Comments

Tonight we had the first set of elections results of the academic year, with Student Leader, Academic President and Union Councillor positions up for grabs! Here’s a round up of the results: Physical Sciences and Engineering Faculty Officer Alexander Shepherd Mechanical Engineering Academic President Matthew Holford ISVR Academic President Francois-Xavier Lallemand Ship Science Academic President […]

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Academic President and By-Elections Results

» 03 May 2013 » No Comments

Welcome to Summer Results Night Live from Sasha and David’s desks! We’ll be your presenters through this textual tour of elections results! A big thank you to everyone who took part in these Summer Elections! Voters and candidates. We can reveal that we had a total of 42 candidates across 24 positions – with 7 […]

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An Opportunity not to miss!

» 25 April 2013 » 3 Comments

One of my biggest regrets here at University was not getting more involved in my 1st year, by running for a position in SUSU. I went to Union Council throughout my second year, but didn’t have a vote because I hadn’t gotten involved earlier – Don’t Miss Your Opportunity! You only have until Friday 12pm! […]

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AGM – What do you care most about?

» 24 April 2013 » 4 Comments

Over the last few weeks, students have been submitting their ideas to be discussed at the Annual General Meeting. After collecting all your ideas, we are now giving students the choice to tell us which of them are most important. At the AGM, we only have 2 hours to discuss policy, which can then direct […]

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The results of the most hotly contested Council election…

» 13 February 2013 » 5 Comments

Just last week at Union Council, we saw 27 students stand up and run for a position on Union Council, known as the Open Councillor positions. As part of the Union Council review, 2 years ago, we introduced 8 positions on Union Council that would be elected at the start of the 2nd semester, so […]

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