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#Engage12 – Money, Money, Money!

» 06 January 2013 » No Comments

This year one of the areas RAG have really stepped is Raids. This is where a group of students go on a trip to a city and spend some of their time collecting money for charity! Until this year we have rarely raided outside Southampton City Centre. 10 – RAG Raids Since the introduction of Raids […]

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#Engage12 – P-P-Pick up a Performing Arts!

» 03 January 2013 » 2 Comments

I think its fair to say that Performing Arts within the University of Southampton have been knocking about for a long time. However they have not always operated in the impressive way they do at present. Before I started in my role they were known as the PAU (Performing Arts Union) and were supported by SUSU through the Societies […]

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#Engage12 – Happy New Year!

» 01 January 2013 » 1 Comment

First Things First…. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Once again I didn’t write a blog yesterday on NYE however hopefully you will forgive me for giving you two today, and to make up for it check out this classic Portswood Lookalike: 7 – Societies Media Wide This year Jade and Societies Committee have really pushed forward how we as […]

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#Engage12 – Take it to the Floor

» 30 December 2012 » 1 Comment

This will be a very quick blog as im in a hurry to have some curry for a classic Murphy family meal follows the authoring of this blog. For many years, the words mirrors and sprung flooring in the activities room have always been a bit of a buzz for easy manifesto promises to say […]

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#Engage12 – Running Out of Ideas?

» 29 December 2012 » No Comments

This Christmas I bought a polar bear for my girlfriend, it goes in the microwave and heats up and everything. Whilst this may seem completely irrelevant it leads me on to three business ideas students could set up:   1. SotonMatch – essentially think online dating but only within Southampton students. Helping everyone find themselves […]

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#Engage12 – Two for the Price of One

» 28 December 2012 » No Comments

Today it’s the Fourth Day of christmas so the Engage team are brining you two for the price of one in terms of our 12 successes! 3 – Naked, Naked, Naked As you probably will know RAG at Southampton is the short hand way of saying Uni of Southampton Students Raising Money for Charity.  Some of […]

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#Engage12 – A Warm Welcome

» 26 December 2012 » 1 Comment

. 2- A Warm Welcome . It’s the second day of Christmas and number two on the countdown of successes has to go to our JCR Committees and Freshers Reps who did an outstanding job at welcoming over 4000 students to the University and to becoming a part of the SUSU community. Despite some of the worst weather […]

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#Engage12 – Twelve Days of Christmas

» 25 December 2012 » No Comments

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Twelve Naked Months, Eleven Standing Committees, Ten new JCRs Committees, Nine pairs of performances, Eight new societies (plus 5), Seven Zone Members, Six Student-a-leaders, Five New Websites, Four RAG Raids, Three All Nighters, Two incubator rooms, And a bunfight in a freshers week! […]

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