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What’s been given out at the Innovations Fund?

» 30 May 2014 » No Comments

Earlier this year, at the Trustee Board, SUSU put aside £25,000 to help fund exciting new projects / activities that could help benefit of our students. This blog goes through the four projects so far that we have funded. A SUSUPA Dance Trophy Cabinet – £550 Sammi Gardiner the Performing Arts Dance Rep said: “SUSUPA Dance […]

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Ending Student Poverty

» 01 November 2013 » 24 Comments

I believe that no student should ever have financial difficulties hold them back from getting an education And yet… it happens all the time. Many students run to the edge of their over-draft… compete fiercely to get more and more hours in their part-time job… get stressed and insecure about this financial pressure… most worry […]

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The future of your Student Loans

» 12 July 2013 » 3 Comments

When the government raised the cap on tuition fees, they also made various changes to how all future students will pay back their loans – however, this new system is having teething problems already.  Here are some key things to consider about student loans and their repayments: Student Loans in this context only refer to […]

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