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» 26 November 2012 » 13 Comments

So as well all know… Sabbaticals are wannabe BNOCs! Getting our faces out to the people… having our names known to everyone – what could be better!? So here are a few things that Sabbs are doing to become BNOCs this year: 1) Listening to more students here on Highfield campus! Across a fortnight, each […]

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What is SUSU?

» 07 November 2012 » 3 Comments

Last week, Shane (your VP Student Engagement) and myself (VP Communications) went out and about to ask students a simple question – in one word, “What is SUSU?” Here’s what they came up with… We think that it’s very important to know who your Sabbatical Officers are, so that you can ask us questions and […]

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