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My final goodbyes to SUSU

» 24 June 2014 » 4 Comments

After a whole year as your SUSU President, another as VP Communications, another as Surge Radio Station Manager, another as Surge Programme Controller, and one as a keeno Fresher… it’s FINALLY time for me to leave SUSU. I’ve had an amazing time as President working to help improve the lives of students at this University, […]

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Stopping Hidden Course Costs

» 06 February 2014 » 6 Comments

The University will no longer expect students to pay costs additional to their tuition fee, unless specified in the module specification. Part of the ongoing campaign to eradicate student poverty is about ensuring that students know the true costs of university life, so they’re not caught out financially. We’ve already made some important steps to […]

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Ending Student Poverty

» 01 November 2013 » 24 Comments

I believe that no student should ever have financial difficulties hold them back from getting an education And yet… it happens all the time. Many students run to the edge of their over-draft… compete fiercely to get more and more hours in their part-time job… get stressed and insecure about this financial pressure… most worry […]

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