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Do Sabbs Actually Do Anything? – President

» 15 January 2013 » 4 Comments

“It’s halfway through what has been an extremely exciting term in office for the Sabbaticals. To mark the new year, the Sabbatical team are writing mid-term reports to update you with what we’ve been up to and the sorts of things we’ve been dealing with, as well as the plans we have for the remaining […]

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Challenges Facing HE 2: What does the VC think?

» 15 October 2012 » 2 Comments

My last blog on HE gave a bit of a catch up on the past year, and talked about a key step for the Academic Community in speaking out against the damage currently being done to Higher Education. A few weeks ago the Southampton campaign group, Southampton Students For Education, were successful in having an […]

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Fees, the market, and the future of HE

» 03 October 2012 » 3 Comments

Two years ago after demonstrations, campaigns, and debate the government made the decision to increase the cost of University tuition in England to £9000. This week we see the first students to come into HE at this new fee, and in the time between the landscape of higher education has radically changed. What has happened: […]

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London Met University Faces International Student Crisis

» 30 August 2012 » 21 Comments

At 11pm on August 29th an announcement was made but the UK Boarder Agency that London Metropolitan University has had its Highly Trusted Sponsor Status revoked, and as a result has lost the right to recruit international students to study at the University. The Background International students from outside of Europe wanting to study in […]

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University Question Time

» 08 December 2011 » 2 Comments

This Monday (12th December)  at Mid Day we will be holding Question Time with the Vice Challellor (Prof. Don Nutbeam) in association with Southampton Students for Education (SSFE). http://www.facebook.com/events/242434015829694/?ref=ts This is your chance to ask to question the person at the head of the University about a whole range of topics, from whats happening currently […]

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Friday 18th: Willetts comes to Southampton

» 17 November 2011 » No Comments

This Friday, David Willetts, the Government Minister of State for Universities and Science, is coming to Southampton University to take part in a special debate alongside Southampton Test Labour MP, Alan Whitehead – and you can come along to watch (and challenge!) him as he debates the  current changes being made to Higher Education. The […]

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SUSU Will March…Again…

» 28 October 2011 » No Comments

On November 9th at 12 mid day SUSU will march…again. It’s almost a year now since the government decided to increase the cap on tuition fees to £9000 and in a couple of weeks’ time students will once again be returning to the streets of London to demonstrate against the rise in the cost of […]

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How does SUSU continue its fight against Higher Education changes? YOU decide…

» 09 October 2011 » No Comments

It’s amazing to think that a year ago on Wednesday, Lord Browne presented his Independent Review of Higher Education Funding and Student Finance. Who’d have imagined how much it was proposing to dramatically change the Higher Education landscape, including removing the cap on the level of fees that universities can charge, and increasing the income […]

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SUSU’s Response to the White Paper on Higher Education

» 01 July 2011 » 1 Comment

The White Paper, presented by David Willetts, Minister for Universities, was meant to outline how Higher Education will develop in the future;  it does not do this.  In particular, it does not provide students with sufficient advice or power in holding their University to account when they believe their University is not providing value for […]

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University of Southampton to charge £9,000 tuition fees from 2012 – Union Statement

» 12 April 2011 » 3 Comments

Today, the University of Southampton has announced that it intends to charge tuition fees of £9,000 per year to students arriving in the 2012-13 academic year. Southampton University Students’ Union strongly opposes any rise in tuition fees. We are exceptionally disappointed that the coalition Government’s radical proposals to Higher Education have withdrawn the majority of […]

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