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Don’t Rush!

» 30 October 2013 » 7 Comments

Signing a house contract is a big deal no matter how old or what year you are in. Last year over 64% of people said they were pressured to sign a house due to letting agencies, one comment from the Vent about your Rent survey declared “They said all the good houses will be gone […]

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Library Petting Zoo Grad Ball Exams

» 10 August 2012 » 7 Comments

    …Now that I’ve got your attention! It’s Friday and it’s my turn to let you know what my priorities for the year are going to be. Exciting stuff! The process of re-thinking, re-crafting (and remembering) our manifestos is one of the many things we’re all up to this summer. After much deliberation and […]

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URGENT: Letting Agents Attempt to Break their Contracts!

» 15 December 2010 » 5 Comments

Every year the housing situation gets worse. Landlords and letting agents pressure students to make swift decisions about whether they want to remain in a property for their next year at university. Students BEWARE. You do NOT have to make these decisions now. I have spoken to Leaders, a Letting Agency who this month sent […]

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