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Celebrating Creative Success

» 15 April 2014 » No Comments

It’s been a great year for our Creative Industries groups – our Careers Season saw over 200 attendees, both Surge and SUSUtv have won national awards, Pure Dance raised over £1,000 for charity, and The Edge and Wessex Scene have reached more people than ever before and there have been many other successes since July. […]

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Getting Creative!

» 02 April 2014 » 1 Comment

A few weeks ago, we held the Creative Industries Careers Season – the first event of its kind dedicated to those of you wanting to explore a career in media, the arts, design or Performing Arts and the response was fantastic! Over 200 of you engaged with the series of events that we ran over the […]

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Creative Industries Careers Season

» 05 December 2013 » No Comments

As seen by the new Zones structure that we have, for the first time we’ve combined Media, Performing Arts and a whole host of other activities that are categorised as creative industries into one grouping. The benefit of this Creative Industries Zone has been the creation of bigger and better collaborative projects.   One of […]

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Success in SUSU!

» 11 September 2013 » 4 Comments

After years of designs, various Sabbatical officers and student leaders campaigning…. Trophy cabinets are here! They are not your average cupboard, but instead a way of publicly saying well done to all our student groups who win awards and deserve recognition!   These should hold trophies from a range of groups including Performing Arts, Sport […]

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What is that Ugly Building on Campus?

» 08 March 2013 » 2 Comments

Other than the terrifyingly beautiful maths building, the second on the list is the Nuffield Theatre. The Nuffield is a 450 seater producing theatre based in the centre of Highfield Campus. Each year SUSU get just one week in this fantastic theatre. Next week is our slot and this year Showstoppers present the phenomenal true story of […]

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#Engage12 – P-P-Pick up a Performing Arts!

» 03 January 2013 » 2 Comments

I think its fair to say that Performing Arts within the University of Southampton have been knocking about for a long time. However they have not always operated in the impressive way they do at present. Before I started in my role they were known as the PAU (Performing Arts Union) and were supported by SUSU through the Societies […]

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#Engage12 – Take it to the Floor

» 30 December 2012 » 1 Comment

This will be a very quick blog as im in a hurry to have some curry for a classic Murphy family meal follows the authoring of this blog. For many years, the words mirrors and sprung flooring in the activities room have always been a bit of a buzz for easy manifesto promises to say […]

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#Engage12 – Twelve Days of Christmas

» 25 December 2012 » No Comments

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Twelve Naked Months, Eleven Standing Committees, Ten new JCRs Committees, Nine pairs of performances, Eight new societies (plus 5), Seven Zone Members, Six Student-a-leaders, Five New Websites, Four RAG Raids, Three All Nighters, Two incubator rooms, And a bunfight in a freshers week! […]

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Societies Affiliation: Live Blog

» 04 December 2012 » 3 Comments

Societies Committee is meeting now to consider the affiliation of 18 student groups that want to affiliate themselves to SUSU. 15:10 – Socs Officer (Jade Head) briefs the committee as to how this will go down. Each group will get 3 mins to present why they should be an affiliated society, there will then be […]

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Hi! My name’s David and I’m a blogaholic

» 28 November 2012 » 21 Comments

So… After getting proposed at Union Council last year, going through several open consultation sessions over the Summer, coming back to the last Union Council and being a regular part of my dreams / nightmares… here’s the low-down on the Standing Committee Review that’s coming to Union Council on 3rd December. So you can read […]

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