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Do you want to hug a sheep?

» 08 May 2014 » No Comments

Mental health problems are far more common than most of us realise; according to a national survey, 1 in 5 students will experience a problem. For this reason, supporting you all with your mental health has been my main focus this year. I’ve spent the year ensuring that SUSU does more than ever before to bring mental health […]

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Q) Need a break? A) Petting Zoo!

» 18 May 2012 » 24 Comments

As I’m sure you’re all aware – it’s exam season once again, and we always try to do something to help students get through this stressful period. In the past, we’ve done this through revision packs, but these can be limited in number and can be very costly for what they provide students. This summer, […]

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