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Always Get Home Safe

» 09 February 2012 » 5 Comments

The Student Taxi scheme can now be used! The scheme is to ensure that if you’ve lost your money or are in a vulnerable position you can still get home safe. There’s 4 simple steps to using this scheme: 1. Phone Radio Taxis on 023 8066 6666 and state that you’re using this scheme 2. […]

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Student Taxi Scheme

» 21 December 2011 » 8 Comments

So a while ago I posted about the Student Taxi Scheme that we are implementing here at SUSU. This is going to start on Monday 30th January 2012. We’re running the scheme with Radio Taxis.  There will be a few simple steps for you to follow: 1. Phone Radio Taxis to book a cab and […]

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