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What was that about winter graduation?

» 29 June 2016 » No Comments

In the past month I’ve been working on ensuring that all students can graduate at a time that suits them and I’m pleased to say that I’ve had some success! Earlier this year I released a survey to find out if you want to graduate in December. Some students are allowed to graduate in December, whereas […]

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Thinking about PGT study?

» 22 April 2016 » No Comments

As you may remember from government’s Autumn Budget and my blog from November, loans are going to be available for those starting a Postgraduate degree that’s taught. So, if you’re considering taking on a Masters degree here’s some information that might be of some help. We thought it’d be best to put all the information […]

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When do you want to graduate?

» 11 February 2016 » 18 Comments

Are you considering doing a Postgraduate degree? Are you currently doing a Postgraduate degree? If yes, then I want to hear from you! Currently, there are two sets of graduation: Summer (July) and Winter (December) – but these options aren’t available to everyone. Different faculties decide when they want to hold graduation ceremonies, most are […]

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Yet MORE Goals for the Year!

» 07 November 2012 » 8 Comments

This time it’s not just me! I’ve outlined my goals for the year already, but a part of my role is to also have the very important responsibility of chairing SUSU’s Education Committee – and we’ve set out some aims for the year ourselves! The committee meets once a month, and consists of myself, the eight Faculty […]

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