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» 06 August 2014 » 2 Comments

Being my first blog ever I thought I’d give it an INDIAN TWIST right in the title so here we go!   Given that I have months’ worth of experience to pop into my blog I apologise for it lengthiness, however I’m sure you’ll enjoy every single word of it as I attempt to make […]

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Where Do You Fit In?

» 04 April 2012 » 40 Comments

Recently Societies Committee have been discussing the current categories that our Societies fit into and how best we group their activities and represent their needs.   Currently we have split societies into 7 categories and (seeing as we are looking to remove Performing Arts from the equation) it has been proposed that we move from these 7: Departmental International Performing […]

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SUSU Welcomes our new Pre-Sessionals

» 03 August 2011 » 4 Comments

Me and the rest of the Sabbs would like to welcome the second batch of Pre-Sessional students that arrived in Southampton today. This evening, Frankie, Sasha, Joe and I went to help move some of these students into halls at Monte. Pre-sessional’s are international students who come across to Southampton over the summer to do English language courses; […]

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