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Inspiring Women

» 04 November 2013 » No Comments

Over 54% of the student population at the University of Southampton is female, yet only 36% of all officers elected in the Spring Elections (Sabbaticals, Student Leaders, Trustees and Union Councillors) are women. To inspire more women to run in elections, SUSU is hosting an Inspiring Women evening in The Bridge, from 6.30pm on Monday 18th November. Feminism is always […]

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The Circle of University Life – Elections

» 04 July 2012 » 15 Comments

4 months later, after the Sabbatical and Trustee Elections, and your new Sabbatical team are ready to get to work for another great year! It was one of the biggest Elections Nights we’ve ever seen here at SUSU; with over 10000 views on SUSUtv and 6543 votes cast (quite a cool number). However, these elections […]

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The Student Voice – Why you Should get Involved!

» 01 May 2012 » 5 Comments

There have been lots of exciting elections this year; in the last couple of months you’ve chosen your new Sabbatical team and Student Leaders for 2012-13, and currently there are elections to choose who will be your lead student representative for your course, in the Academic President Elections. However, there’s another important set of roles […]

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