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What even is Union Council?

» 12 June 2014 » No Comments

Good question! Union Council is the place to have your say about what SUSU does and how it does it. Council holds your elected officers to account for what they’re up to, and sets the direction for SUSU (through policy). It’s the highest decision-making body and decides what goes on in your Union. Council meets […]

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Click here to see me naked.

» 24 November 2013 » No Comments

RAG CALENDAR IS BACK See Sabbatical Officers, Sports teams, Bar staff and many many others with their kit off to raise money for good causes. For 24 images of tasteful nudity head to boxoffice.susu.org from 11am 25th November or head to reception at SUSU and experience the joy that is RAG Calendar 2013. RAG stands […]

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What The Feedback?

» 13 November 2012 » No Comments

For years, students have highlighted that feedback on assessment as the major issue they have with the quality of their University experience, and has always been a major focus for Sabbatical Officers past and present. I want your help in addressing this, by giving your thoughts on feedback. In the past year, the University has […]

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SUSU’s Response to the White Paper on Higher Education

» 01 July 2011 » 1 Comment

The White Paper, presented by David Willetts, Minister for Universities, was meant to outline how Higher Education will develop in the future;  it does not do this.  In particular, it does not provide students with sufficient advice or power in holding their University to account when they believe their University is not providing value for […]

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Union Council: How do we fix it?

» 14 April 2011 » 9 Comments

Hello all, One of my manifesto pledges emphasised the importance and accessibility of Union Council to the Student population. For many years now we have seen very similar problems with Council and as President I don’t think there has been a single Council where many students have left feeling frustrated with process. We have problems […]

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Sabb and Exec Role Review: Stage 2

» 04 January 2011 » 5 Comments

The re-shuffle of the Sabbatical Officer positions at SUSU were at last decided at Union Council last term. After much debate, Union Council voted to replace the current six Sabbatical Roles (President, AU Pres, Winchester Pres, Vice Pres Academic Affairs, VP Welfare and Societies, VP Media and Communications) with 7 new ones, as part of […]

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