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Plans from a VP Comms – …Commocracedia?

» 14 August 2012 » 28 Comments

The whole Sabbatical team (Shane, Chloe, Sam, myself, Sasha, Dean, and Nicole) have been uploading their plans for the year over the last few days, and now it’s mine turn! My plans split into the three main areas, which my role is defined as: media, communication, and democracy (Demedications…?). I have noted several key projects that […]

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Let’s make some BIG changes!

» 26 July 2012 » 4 Comments

In February, all of your current Sabbatical Officers, myself included, published what we call our ‘manifestos’ (in fact, all the candidates did). In these documents there are dozens of promises and ethoses about how we are going to help shape SUSU for the better over the next 11 months. You can view the manifestos of […]

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The Best Social Ever?

» 04 December 2011 » 7 Comments

For those of you that have read the Sabbatical Plans for this year you will know that one of my Goals is to ‘Empower Social Secretaries’. The main thing that I am aiming to do is produce a booklet/guide as to how to run  socials, included in this will be a contact list of nightclubs […]

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