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#Engage12 – P-P-Pick up a Performing Arts!

» 03 January 2013 » 2 Comments

I think its fair to say that Performing Arts within the University of Southampton have been knocking about for a long time. However they have not always operated in the impressive way they do at present. Before I started in my role they were known as the PAU (Performing Arts Union) and were supported by SUSU through the Societies […]

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Student Leader Election Results

» 16 March 2012 » 2 Comments

I am very pleased to announce the following results of the Student Leader elections for 2012 The winning candidates will take up their post on 1st of July for the academic year 2012/13 AU Officer: Saranna Harris Sports and Health Officer:Heather Undrell   Societies Officer : Jade Head JCR’s Officer:Jack Hodgson Performing Arts Officer:Claire  Gilbert Rag Officer:Caroline Hughes […]

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Exec Officer Role Review -Final Stages

» 25 January 2011 » 19 Comments

On Monday 31st January, we will see the final results of the Sabbatical and Executive Officer structure review go to Union Council. A Sabbatical Officer at SUSU runs the Union for a year as part of a team of 6. You become a Trustee of a business turning over £7 Million a year and become responsible for […]

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