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Ending Student Poverty

» 01 November 2013 » 24 Comments

I believe that no student should ever have financial difficulties hold them back from getting an education And yet… it happens all the time. Many students run to the edge of their over-draft… compete fiercely to get more and more hours in their part-time job… get stressed and insecure about this financial pressure… most worry […]

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Freshers: Massive Wasters?

» 18 October 2012 » No Comments

  FRESHERS: If you’re interested in getting involved in a massive halls competition involving over 75 other 1st year students in one afternoon and winning loads of freebies including: ★ Waste Wars t-shirt ★ Friday Night Entry to The Cube on Friday 26th October ★ An ethical chocolate bar   …then Waste Wars is for […]

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Six Steps to a More Equal Campus

» 16 July 2012 » 15 Comments

Hello one and all! I’m your new Vice President Welfare and Communities, lovely to meet you. I thought that before I start throwing blogs your way about all the marvellous things I’m up to (and what you can do for me), I’d start with all the marvellous things our Student Leaders are up to, in […]

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Browne and what it means for Wessex Warriors

» 18 October 2010 » 2 Comments

Lord Browne seems to have taken a lot of flak recently – he seems to have single handily enraged most of the student population and worried all most all parents with a child around the age to fly the nest and start University. For those of you who don’t know or have been casually living […]

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