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» 06 August 2014 » No Comments

Hi all, my name is Katie, your new VP Sports Development! This blog is an update on my first month to keep you all in the loop of what’s going on within SUSU and the Southampton sports world. First few weeks The first two weeks of my time in office were spent at conferences. The […]

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MAY-ke Your Voice Heard!

» 24 April 2014 » 1 Comment

As we come towards the end of the academic year, there are loads of opportunities to review how the year has gone so far, celebrate the successes that you’ve all had, and for those of you still around next year, run and votes for those you want to lead the Union and beyond! A lot […]

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Freshers: Massive Wasters?

» 18 October 2012 » No Comments

  FRESHERS: If you’re interested in getting involved in a massive halls competition involving over 75 other 1st year students in one afternoon and winning loads of freebies including: ★ Waste Wars t-shirt ★ Friday Night Entry to The Cube on Friday 26th October ★ An ethical chocolate bar   …then Waste Wars is for […]

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Automatic Council Tax Exemption: DONE!

» 20 September 2012 » 8 Comments

  Just in case you haven’t heard, I have excellent news for you. After previous years where students have had to use their first few weeks in a new house faffing about with their council tax exemption, this year things are finally different. I am very pleased to tell you that from now on your […]

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Stay Safe

» 09 March 2012 » 4 Comments

In general Southampton is a pretty safe city.  There have, however, been a few incidents recently including sexual assaults on female students.  Therefore I just want to take this opportunity to remind you of some top tips for staying safe in the City. Take the safe route home: Always try to walk home with somebody […]

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And the war continues!

» 02 March 2012 » No Comments

That’s Right, Varsity is right around the corner, in fact it’s this Sunday 4th March. Varsity is the biggest sporting event in the AU calendar and it’s a day when our rivals, Portsmouth, send their sports clubs in their masses to Southampton and we battle it out to see, which University has the best sports […]

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Your Student House

» 24 January 2012 » 8 Comments

If you are sharing a house with 3 or more people (not related to you) whilst studying at Uni. then you are living in a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO). At the moment a landlord does not need planning permission to turn a house into a HMO, but from March they will.  This is known […]

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Start Your own Society? These guys have…

» 10 January 2012 » 1 Comment

Can you start your very own Society? The simple answer is yes of course you can! Just grab 25 of your mates who goto Uni here and apply to become a SUSU affiliated Society. There are of course a few rules, which are quite simply: No Duplication: You cant copy something that already exists or overlap […]

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The Best Social Ever?

» 04 December 2011 » 7 Comments

For those of you that have read the Sabbatical Plans for this year you will know that one of my Goals is to ‘Empower Social Secretaries’. The main thing that I am aiming to do is produce a booklet/guide as to how to run  socials, included in this will be a contact list of nightclubs […]

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Spit or Swallow?

» 24 October 2011 » No Comments

Last weekend Joe Mclo and I had the pleasure to be invited to attend and speak at the National Marrow AGM, held this year in Southampton. This was a certainly a weekend that left me wanting to spit, not swallow. Marrow is the student branch of Anthony Nolan, they are the UK’s most successful stem cell register. Essentially they have […]

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