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How has sport affected your University experience?

» 18 June 2012 » No Comments

Any student that has been a part of any extracurricular activity on top of their degree studies often says that it has been an essential part of their University experience and sport is no different. Many students benefit from the different things that joining a sports club offers whether it be performance related benefits like […]

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VP Sports Development final (and very late) Union Council Report

» 15 May 2012 » No Comments

As promised in Union Council yesterday evening I have now written a report (well a blog really) in place of the report that I should’ve submitted last week in time for the papers to go out to council. Once again I’ll reiterate that it’s a mixture of bad time management, juggling work priorities and forgetting […]

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» 04 March 2012 » 2 Comments

The day is Sunday March 4th 2012. Wet, windy, cold, bleak. A day that epitomises the Great British winter (yes I know, March is definitely not winter but it’s England. You never know what you’re going to get). Yet this day sets the scene for one of the most epic Varsity events in the Southampton […]

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