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Want to become a member of Union Council?

» 30 January 2013 » No Comments

This Monday (4th February) at 5pm we have our third Union Council of the year, where we’re doing something special! 8 students have a chance to run to get a seat on Union Council – the Highest Decision Making body in the Union. It’s an opportunity specifically created to help more students get involved in […]

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Do Sabbs Actually Do Anything? – Communications

» 21 January 2013 » 10 Comments

“It’s halfway through what has been an extremely exciting term in office so far, and so this week, the Sabbatical team are writing mid-term reports to update you with what we’ve been up, as well as the sorts of plans we have for the remaining 6 months. You can read up on our regular reports […]

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Highlights from #SUSUcouncil in tweets

» 04 December 2012 » No Comments

What a Union Council yesterday! Not only did 4 policies get passed, but we also got #SUSUcouncil trending WORLDWIDE! – well not quite… We started off the session with a presentation from your VP Winchester and Sites, Nicole, about the Sites Review! After two years, SUSU finally has a plan for how to make some […]

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Hi! My name’s David and I’m a blogaholic

» 28 November 2012 » 21 Comments

So… After getting proposed at Union Council last year, going through several open consultation sessions over the Summer, coming back to the last Union Council and being a regular part of my dreams / nightmares… here’s the low-down on the Standing Committee Review that’s coming to Union Council on 3rd December. So you can read […]

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Who Makes the Decisions Around Here?

» 05 October 2012 » 2 Comments

All through Freshers’, we’ve been telling people about how SUSU is run… who really makes the decisions around here?! We always talk about elections and course representation and our student council   – the first one of which is coming up in a few weeks (22nd October). But SUSU is also run by students based on […]

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