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Mature Students: let me know about your university experience

» 08 February 2016 » No Comments

Recently, I was approached about a negative student experience from a mature students solely due to the fact that they are a mature student. The concerns Mature students in some faculties have an amazing experience and are welcomed and encouraged as much as the ‘average’ student. However,┬áhaving spoken to President of the Mature Society, I […]

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How has sport affected your University experience?

» 18 June 2012 » No Comments

Any student that has been a part of any extracurricular activity on top of their degree studies often says that it has been an essential part of their University experience and sport is no different. Many students benefit from the different things that joining a sports club offers whether it be performance related benefits like […]

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One down, Eleven to go…

» 29 July 2011 » No Comments

Looking back, being 4 weeks into post feels about right – but being 1/12th of the way through my term feels very weird! It certainly puts into perspective how little time we all have to influence the Student Experience, how hard we need to hit the ground running, and how quickly it all flies by. […]

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