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Summer Elections Results

» 15 May 2014 » No Comments

Over the past few week we’ve been running our Summer Elections. This includes elections for Academic President and Union Council Chair, as well as by-elections for Union Councillor and Student Leader. Lots of you have been out campaigning and we recieved over 1,100 votes in total! Without further ado, here are the winners: Chair of […]

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Academic President and By-Elections Results

» 03 May 2013 » No Comments

Welcome to Summer Results Night Live from Sasha and David’s desks! We’ll be your presenters through this textual tour of elections results! A big thank you to everyone who took part in these Summer Elections! Voters and candidates. We can reveal that we had a total of 42 candidates across 24 positions – with 7 […]

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An Opportunity not to miss!

» 25 April 2013 » 3 Comments

One of my biggest regrets here at University was not getting more involved in my 1st year, by running for a position in SUSU. I went to Union Council throughout my second year, but didn’t have a vote because I hadn’t gotten involved earlier – Don’t Miss Your Opportunity! You only have until Friday 12pm! […]

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Want to become a member of Union Council?

» 30 January 2013 » No Comments

This Monday (4th February) at 5pm we have our third Union Council of the year, where we’re doing something special! 8 students have a chance to run to get a seat on Union Council – the Highest Decision Making body in the Union. It’s an opportunity specifically created to help more students get involved in […]

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… And the results are in!

» 18 October 2012 » No Comments

We have the results of the by-elections for Student Leader and Union Councillor. So please give a big congratulations to: Your new Winchester Sites Officer – Ellen Green   Your new Post Graduate Research Officer  – Ioan Alexandru Barbu   Your new Post Graduate Taught Officer – Sam Crabb   And your 4 new Union Councillors – Andrea Sipka […]

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Six Steps to a More Equal Campus

» 16 July 2012 » 15 Comments

Hello one and all! I’m your new Vice President Welfare and Communities, lovely to meet you. I thought that before I start throwing blogs your way about all the marvellous things I’m up to (and what you can do for me), I’d start with all the marvellous things our Student Leaders are up to, in […]

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The Student Voice – Why you Should get Involved!

» 01 May 2012 » 5 Comments

There have been lots of exciting elections this year; in the last couple of months you’ve chosen your new Sabbatical team and Student Leaders for 2012-13, and currently there are elections to choose who will be your lead student representative for your course, in the Academic President Elections. However, there’s another important set of roles […]

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By-Election results!

» 18 November 2011 » No Comments

On Friday evening Jonny Brooks-Bartlett (Vice President Sports Development and Returning Officer) announced the results of the by-elections for Vice President Winchester, Student Leaders and Union Councillors. I am very pleased to announce the following results of those elections and those elected: Sabbatical Vice President Winchester Laura Gardner  – Elected Trudie Kee Stephen Langdon Ron (Re-open nominations)   […]

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Vice President Winchester & Sites By-Election Update

» 20 October 2011 » 1 Comment

Last week I wrote about a proposal to split the role into Vice President Winchester and Vice President Sites as two part time roles covering 20 hours a week each. The other officers and I all felt we were unlikely to get a student who would run for the full time position given that they […]

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Running for a Union Council Position – The very short guide.

» 03 October 2011 » No Comments

Thinking of getting involved in Union Council but not sure if it’s for you? Well here’s a quick guide. What is Union Council? Union Council is where the  important decisions of SUSU, your students’ union are made and its actions can affect every student. Its main job is to make policy which SUSU must put […]

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