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First Years -Renew your bus pass before 30th June

» 20 June 2011 » No Comments

Announcement: Halls Residents  Your Uni-link bus pass expires on 30th June 2011!  If you are remaining in Halls after 30th June you will need to visit the Uni-link office to have your access extended. This will NOT happen automatically. To avoid being charged on the bus please visit the Uni-link office before 30th June. If […]

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Safety isn’t expensive, its priceless

» 26 October 2010 » No Comments

How much value do you place on your personal safety? After a number of incidents around the Southampton area in the last few weeks, I would urge you all to be taking care of your safety. If you ask somebody whether they should walk home alone in the dark, most people would say ‘of course […]

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