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9K? No Way! Demo? Let’s Go!

» 12 November 2012 » 20 Comments

We’re almost a third of the way through the academic year: first year students will have now reaped 3K’s worth of education. Or have they? Were these last two months worth as much as a second or third year’s whole year of study? Or is an entire generation of students paying a disproportionate amount for […]

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London Met University Faces International Student Crisis

» 30 August 2012 » 21 Comments

At 11pm on August 29th an announcement was made but the UK Boarder Agency that London Metropolitan University has had its Highly Trusted Sponsor Status revoked, and as a result has lost the right to recruit international students to study at the University. The Background International students from outside of Europe wanting to study in […]

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Get Smart on Housing!

» 22 August 2012 » 1 Comment

Finding a private rented house during the summer can be tricky indeed but the main thing to remember is to stay calm, don’t rush, and be smart about the choices you make. Here are ten top tips written by the experts in The Advice Centre and if you take them on board, you’ll be fine! […]

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Choose Your Charity…

» 19 June 2012 » 4 Comments

Whenever any student from the University of Southampton raises money for charity they are contributing to RAG wheather they know it or not. Each year RAG keep a total of all the fundraising that SUSU students do, this is made up of fundraising RAG organise and co-ordinate centrally and fundraising that individuals or groups do […]

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Dancing our Way to Success

» 19 March 2012 » 2 Comments

Just before the easter break all of our dance societies headed up north and in true Southampton style they smashed it….   Jazz, Tap, Balet, Contemporary and Street (Hip Hop) took 57 dancers and headed up to the Loughborough University Annual Dance Competition! This year three of the squads placed (compared to just one last year) […]

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Start Your own Society? These guys have…

» 10 January 2012 » 1 Comment

Can you start your very own Society? The simple answer is yes of course you can! Just grab 25 of your mates who goto Uni here and apply to become a SUSU affiliated Society. There are of course a few rules, which are quite simply: No Duplication: You cant copy something that already exists or overlap […]

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Spit or Swallow?

» 24 October 2011 » No Comments

Last weekend Joe Mclo and I had the pleasure to be invited to attend and speak at the National Marrow AGM, held this year in Southampton. This was a certainly a weekend that left me wanting to spit, not swallow. Marrow is the student branch of Anthony Nolan, they are the UK’s most successful stem cell register. Essentially they have […]

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SUSUtv Present UK-Wide “FreshersTV” Live from the concourse – Wednesday 6pm

» 18 October 2011 » No Comments

SUSUtv will be hosting FreshersTV from 6pm tonight live from the union concourse. The event is organised by The National Student Television Association (NaSTA), and sees over 20 student television stations from all corners of the country link up for a series of ambitious live items. Presenting from SUSU will be 2010/11 NaSTA Best Male Chris Wells, […]

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Attacks in Norway

» 25 July 2011 » No Comments

Students at the University of Southampton will be aware of the recent tragedy in Oslo and Utoya, Norway. The University of Southampton and its Students’ Union recognise that you may have been affected by these events either directly, or indirectly. We would like to remind students who may have been affected that they can access […]

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In the beginning and a fond farewell

» 01 July 2011 » 1 Comment

Its 10pm, and in 2 hours I become the next President of SUSU, a Students’ Union that has provided me so much for so long, and its fairly fitting to reflect on the year gone, and think to the excitement of the year ahead. Over the past 5 years I’ve seen, and at times been involved […]

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