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What is the SUSU Master Plan?

» 07 November 2013 » No Comments

 Some students will have heard of the term ‘SUSU Master Plan’, some will not have. Either way, I thought that it’d be best to explain what it is in an open place like this, so more students can get involved with… THE NEXT STEP! So essentially, the SUSU Master Plan was a project started by […]

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#Engage12 – A Warm Welcome

» 26 December 2012 » 1 Comment

. 2- A Warm Welcome . It’s the second day of Christmas and number two on the countdown of successes has to go to our JCR Committees and Freshers Reps who did an outstanding job at welcoming over 4000 students to the University and to becoming a part of the SUSU community. Despite some of the worst weather […]

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