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Autumn Elections Results!

» 11 October 2013 » No Comments

Tonight we had the first set of elections results of the academic year, with Student Leader, Academic President and Union Councillor positions up for grabs! Here’s a round up of the results: Physical Sciences and Engineering Faculty Officer Alexander Shepherd Mechanical Engineering Academic President Matthew Holford ISVR Academic President Francois-Xavier Lallemand Ship Science Academic President […]

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Academic President and By-Elections Results

» 03 May 2013 » No Comments

Welcome to Summer Results Night Live from Sasha and David’s desks! We’ll be your presenters through this textual tour of elections results! A big thank you to everyone who took part in these Summer Elections! Voters and candidates. We can reveal that we had a total of 42 candidates across 24 positions – with 7 […]

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Yet MORE Goals for the Year!

» 07 November 2012 » 8 Comments

This time it’s not just me! I’ve outlined my goals for the year already, but a part of my role is to also have the very important responsibility of chairing SUSU’s Education Committee – and we’ve set out some aims for the year ourselves! The committee meets once a month, and consists of myself, the eight Faculty […]

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NUS Referendum Details

» 01 October 2012 » 3 Comments

Next Monday sees the “start” of the NUS Referendum trail, as we will be bringing all interested students together to find out more about the process. Next Monday also sees the opening of nominations for our Student Leader and Union Councillor by-elections. We’ll be publishing more details about those later and you can get involved […]

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VP Winchester And Sites & Union Councillor Election Results

» 14 May 2012 » No Comments

I am pleased to announce the results of the VP Winchester And Sites, Union Councillor and Social & Humans Sciences Officer Election results: Vice President Winchester and Sites There were two candidates for this position: Nicole Trengove – 185 RON (Re Open Nominations) – 42 I am pleased to announce that Nicole Trengove is duly elected to […]

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Vice President Winchester & Sites – Hustings 6pm Today- Winchester

» 09 May 2012 » No Comments

There is one candidate for the paid sabbatical position of Winchester & Sites however these elections are always run against RON (re open nominations). The position represents students studying in Winchester and other sites. Therefore we are holding hustings giving you the chance to hear from and question the candidate before voting. Hustings will take place at […]

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Union Councillor positions: How voting works

» 12 October 2011 » 1 Comment

Union Council is responsible for helping set policy at SUSU and is involved in making important decisions that affect you as students at the University of Southampton. For example, last year Union Council sanctioned a referendum on whether or not SUSU should join the NUS (National Union of Students). At the end of last year […]

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Want A Better Student Life? A Better SUSU? Then Run For A Union Council Position

» 03 October 2011 » No Comments

Hey, Union Council has changed and it is time to elect its new membership. I’m writing this to explain a bit more about what Union Council is, what positions are available, and how to join. What is Union Council? Union Council is one of the highest decision making bodies within SUSU. That means to a […]

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