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The AGM is dead!

» 31 March 2013 » 8 Comments

Okay… So maybe not dead completely, but the way it’s been treated in the past. I see the SUSU Annual General Meeting (AGM) being most successful when we make it really easy for students to put forward ideas, discuss things that actually matter, and make this process accessible to ALL students… And that’s what we’re […]

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Union Council 21st Nov – The Decisions Taken

» 28 November 2011 » No Comments

On Monday 21st November the second Union Council of the year (and the first adopting the new system) was held in the cube. Council is where the highest decisions of the Union are made by elected students, and was split into three sections for the first time, an informal ideas discussion, a policy debate and […]

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Union Council 1 – The Decisions Made

» 25 October 2011 » 2 Comments

On Monday the first Union Council of the year was held at the Cube in the Union building. There were 4 policies up for debate and 2 decisions that were asked to be made. Support for the 9th November National Demo On Tuition Fees Union Policy passed at last years AGM states: “Any nationally organised demonstration against […]

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