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My year as VP Sports: thank you Team Southampton

» 28 June 2015 » No Comments

So here it is, the final blog. It’s been a busy year, hard work but also a fantastic experience. Here is what I’ve achieved, alongside the help of student leaders, committees, Presidents, staff and external companies. Sports Strategy:  I’ve worked this year on bringing the University sport strategy and the Union sports strategy under the […]

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Do Sabbs Actually Do Anything? – VP Sports

» 26 January 2014 » 8 Comments

I am now six months into my term as VP Sports Development, so it is probably right that I update (I apologise in advance for the length of the blog!) you as to what I have done so far. My role can be separated into three areas: – My day to day sabbatical activity e.g. […]

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Do Sabbs Actually Do Anything? – Sports Development

» 20 January 2013 » 2 Comments

“It’s halfway through what has been an extremely exciting term in office so far, and so this week, the Sabbatical team are writing mid-term reports to update you with what we’ve been up to and the sorts of things we’ve been dealing with, as well as the sorts of plans we have for the remaining […]

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Do you want to have a say in what the AU does next year? Find out how.

» 30 April 2012 » No Comments

Many students believe that the VP Sports Development sabbatical officer is in charge of the Athletic Union. This is not true. In fact the AU officer is the student leader in charge of the AU and the sabbatical officer is there to support the AU officer. However AU committee (AUC) makes sure that all of […]

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Alumni Sports Day 2012

» 30 April 2012 » No Comments

The day is Saturday April 28th 2012. Wet, windy, cold, bleak. A day that epitomises the Great British winter……………………………………………………….. yes this is pretty much how the Varsity blog read when I wrote that and that’s because yet again the sun failed to put in a real showing on Saturday (I’m starting to think me and the […]

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» 04 March 2012 » 2 Comments

The day is Sunday March 4th 2012. Wet, windy, cold, bleak. A day that epitomises the Great British winter (yes I know, March is definitely not winter but it’s England. You never know what you’re going to get). Yet this day sets the scene for one of the most epic Varsity events in the Southampton […]

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