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Keeping Wednesday Afternoons Free

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Keeping Wednesday Afternoons Free- 12 October 2009, Union Council (Ref: 0910P1)

Union Notes:

  1. That policy “KEEPING WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS FREE  dated 11 November 2002 was removed in 2008
  2. That in 2009 an Economics Unit entitled “Econ3015” was regularly timetabled from 1pm-3pm on Wednesday afternoons, preventing those students from undertaking any sport

Union Further Notes

  1. The vast majority of sporting fixtures take place on a Wednesday afternoon
  2. Students’ Unions play an important role in supporting students’ clubs and societies
  3. Students also take part in a huge range of student activities all demanding time, enthusiasm and commitment
  4. Wednesday afternoons are traditionally used by students for extracurricular activities
  5. Many inter-mural sports teams also train on a Wednesday

Union Believes

  1. It is a fundamental right for students to be able to get involved in extracurricular activities
  2. Timetabled lectures and seminars encroaching into Wednesday afternoons limit the ability of students to participate in student activities and sports
  3. Students’ Union activities should be open to all
  4. Students’ Unions increase involvement when they are seen to achieve real improvements in students’ lives

Union Resolves

  1. To oppose any University timetabling of lectures, seminars and practicals on Wednesday afternoons
  2. To mandate the Union President, Vice President Academic Affairs and AU President to actively ensure the University does not timetable any lectures, seminars or practicals on Wednesday afternoons

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