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Supporting the Military Education Committee (MEC) in Future Event Planning and Promotion

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Supporting the Military Education Committee (MEC) in Future Event Planning and Promotion – 13 June 2011, Union Council (Ref: 1011P18)

Union Notes

  1. Southampton University maintains four student military organisations and is one of only two UK Universities with all four such organisations (SUOTC, SURNU, SUAS, DTUS).
  2. These organisations accept members from all five local Universities (Southampton, Southampton Solent, Bournemouth, Winchester and Portsmouth)[1].
  3. Upon joining one of these organisations (with the exception of DTUS) there is no obligation to join the armed forces upon graduation.
  4. As of December 2010, this represents 444 students from all five universities, 302 of whom are University of Southampton students/SUSU members (68.2% of total)[2].
  5. Southampton University’s stated aim is to promote “Awareness of social, civic and environmental responsibilities” as part of one of its graduate attributes[3].
  6. The Southampton Military Education Committee (MEC); as an open forum for the organisations and the universities, cannot publicise its own events to the wider student body[4].
  7. Current SUSU policy[5] states that the union is opposed to engaging with Arms Companies, yet SUSU still promotes University Career Destinations’ events to which these companies attend.

Union Believes

  1. Publicising MEC events to students will be beneficial to the student body and will encourage debate on national issues.
  2. Publicising MEC events would heighten the profile of the university military organisations within the student body.
  3. Improving access to MEC Events will help the university fulfil its obligations under its own graduate attributes.
  4. SUSU may be opposed to military actions undertaken by the UK, but this should not prevent SUSU helping to fulfil the civilian “side” of the military covenant.

Union Resolves

  1. SUSU will undertake to help publicise events organised by the MEC through either the Academic Affairs Sabbatical/SUSU MEC Representative in consultation with the University.
  2. SUSU will not directly fund such events other than through in-house publicity (posters/website advertisements) so as to prevent a conflict of interest with current arms trade policy.

[1] Including one student from another outside institution not named within the MEC unit numbers document.

[2] From 20/01/2011 MEC Item 4 – Unit Numbers Document.


[4] Ben Brooks’ MEC Report to the SUSU Education Committee 15/02/2011

[5] Union Council Motion unavailable at time of writing

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Union Policy Manual

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Union Policy Manual – 13 June 2011, Union
Council (Ref: 1011P15)

Union Notes

  1. The current policy document, containing all of the motions that are active in the Union, is not online and is only available to students on request
  2. The policy document has not been updated since December 2010

Union Believes

  1. Every student should be able to see the policies that are active in the Students Union at any time during the year
  2. While amending/deleting policies, students should first be aware of the original policy in order to make an informed decision and vote

Union Resolves

  1. To mandate the incoming VP Communications to make the policy document available online on the page, one click away from the front page
  2. To keep the policy document updated at various points throughout the year

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Union Council Review

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Union Council Review – 13 June 2011, Union Council (Ref: 1011P14)

Union Notes

  1. Policy passed at the Union Council meeting in March 2011 mandating Constitution committee to update the constitution (Motion 12).

Union Resolves

  1. To amend the current make-up of Union Council within the SUSU Constitution, by deleting Standing Orders 1 clause 3.2, replacing it with the following and renumbering:
  2. Council shall consist of:

a)    Chair of Council

b)   All Sabbatical Officers

c)    All Trustees with Portfolio

d)   All Student Leaders

e)    Union Councillors (30) selected to reflect the membership of the Union, with two from each of the following:

  • Post-graduate taught students
  • Post-graduate research students
  • Part-time students
  • Mature Undergraduate students
  • Students with Disabilities
  • European Students
  • International Students
  • Each faculty

f)     Union Councillors (8) open positions

This Union Mandates

  1. Constitution Committee to revisit the entirety of the Standing Orders to ensure all inter-relations are resolved and report back to Union Council any decisive changes

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Fair Access to University

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Fair Access to University – 13 June 2011, Union Council (Ref: 1011P17)

Union Notes

  1. The rise in tuition fees cap for 2012-12 and the consequential drive for fair access to University
  2. The University of Southampton’s submission of its Access Agreement to the Office for Fair Access (OfFA) including the University’s targets for the recruitment of students from under-represented groups in Higher Education
  3. That the University’s targets are based on a location adjusted benchmark (LAB) which takes into account the regions that an institution recruits from
  4. The following targets that the University has set in its Access Agreement for 2012-13:

(a)  Students from state schools: 5% above LAB

(b) Students from low participation neighbourhoods: meet LAB

(c)  Students from lower socio-economic groups: meet LAB

(d) Students from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds: Improve from 10.5% to 13.5% of total student body

(e)  Students in receipt of Disabled Students’ Allowance: meet or exceed LAB

       5.  The importance of widening participation to the diversity of the student body.

Union Believes

  1. In fair access to University for talented students
  2. That the University should be meeting its targets
  3. That SUSU should be holding the University to account if it fails to meet its targets

Union Resolves

  1. To mandate the Union President and VP Academic Affairs to hold the University to account for its access targets
  2. That SUSU should lobby for more ambitious access targets in the years following 2012-13

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