25th May 2016

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Location of AU Club AGMs

» 13 May 2010 » In Lapsed Policy » No Comments

Location of AU Club AGMs – 13th May 2010, AGM (Ref: 0910P38) (Lapsed Policy)

This Union notes:

  1. A Policy was passed at Union Council that will ensure that all clubs must hold their AGMs at a venue which does not serve alcohol starting in 2010/2011
  2. Only members of the clubs are able to attend the Club AGMs
  3. AU clubs want to hold their AGMs in the venue of their choice, as it is also a major social event of the year

This Union believes:

  1. AGMs should be available to ALL members of the Club

2.    The Clubs should be responsible for choosing their venue for their AGM

3.   That SUSU should provide club committees with training that ensures that they know the SUSU   equal opportunities policies

This Union resolves:

  1. That the previous motion should be reviewed and amended to no longer include AU Clubs
  2. That AU Clubs should hold their AGMs in an appropriate venue in which ALL Club members can attend
  3. That it should be included in the club’s constitutions that any members of the club that feel the venue is unsuitable that they will be able not be able to use this venue

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Inclusive AGMs and Elections

» 01 March 2010 » In Lapsed Policy » No Comments

Inclusive AGMs and Elections 1st March 2010, Union Council (Ref: 0910P13) (Lapsed Policy)

 This Union Notes:

  1. That clubs and societies have an annual AGM which all members are welcome to attend to review the annual activities of the club or society.
  2. That very often the elections for the new committee members of each club or society take place at the AGM.
  3. The choice of venue for the AGM and elections can prevent certain students from attending these important meetings.
  4. Many Clubs and Societies have already planned their AGMs; to avoid huge disruption the official implementation of this policy should begin in the new academic year 2010

This Union Believes:

  1. That the Union’s Equal Opportunities Policy requires clubs and societies to be inclusive and not prevent other students’ participation.
  2. That clubs, societies and departments should recognise differences between individuals and be tolerant and respectful of those differences.

This Union Resolves:

  1. That no AGM or election should take place in a venue where alcohol is served.
  2. That no alcohol should be consumed before or during the elections or AGM of a society, club or department.
  3. The policy should be publicised by the appropriate Sabbatical to all clubs, societies and departments.
  4. Any violation of this policy should be reported to the appropriate Sabbatical or Equal Opportunities Officer which should then be investigated and referred to the appropriate disciplinary body.

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West Refectory Charging

» 19 May 2008 » In Lapsed Policy » No Comments

West Refectory Charging 19th May 2008, Union Council (Ref: 0708P8)

This Union Notes

1)    The recent decision by Business & Community Services to begin charging Union Societies £300 per event to use the West Refectory.

2)    That in the last year, more than 50 Societies have used the West Ref for their events.

3)    That the average annual Society budget is £100, and no matter how it is funded a price tag of £300 per event is far beyond their means.

This Union Believes

1)    This charge will render the West Ref prohibitively expensive to student groups and force them to hold their events at other venues off campus

2)    Travel to and from other venues raises serious safety concerns, and means students will end up spending their money elsewhere.

3)    That the decision by B&CS to levy this charge runs against the interest of SUSU members.

This Union Resolves

1)    To mandate Union Officers to lobby B&CS to end the charge.

2)    To recommend Union Clubs and Societies to refuse payment of the charge.

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NUS and other Students’ Unions

» 22 May 2006 » In Lapsed Policy » No Comments

NUS and other Students’ Unions – 22nd May 2006,  Union Council (Ref: 0506P25)

 This Union Notes:

  1. That most of theUK’s Students’ Unions are in the National Union of Students (NUS)
  2. That Southampton University Students’ Unionhas been disaffiliated since 2002

This Union Believes:

  1. That the NUS does not consider or represent what is best for students atSouthampton
  2. That the NUS also is not effective enough at a national level to warrant the large affiliation fee, for example its stance on the AUT Strike.
  3. That several Students’ Unions are unhappy with the NUS and wish to disaffiliate
  4. That these Students’ Unions are afraid to disaffiliate because they fear NUS “Scare tactics” of poor commercial trade and no representation if they do
  5. That when these Students’ Unions hold a referendum, NUS Executive swarm on the University and out publicise and out number key supporters for disaffiliation
  6. That SUSU has prospered, saved money and still continues to be a representative body that serves its students, even though it is out of the NUS
  7. That many Students’ Unions will look toSouthamptonfor guidance, information and support when they consider disaffiliation

This Union Further Believes:

  1. That by helping other Unions around the country who wish to disaffiliate, SUSU will build contacts and relationships with these Unions.
  1. This improved relationship and contacts with other Unions will aid SUSU in its dealings for its students at national level
  2. Sabbatical Officers from SUSU often visit other Unions for new ideas on how to improve things for its members anyway

This Union Resolves:

  1. If another Union wishes to disaffiliate, the Union President, where possible, may commit time and resources to assist thisUniondisaffiliate.


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